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by Gerean Pflug

It’s the gazillion neckties decorating the trees that provide the shade

at Shady Kate’s in Shady Cove, OR that makes one look.

It’s one of those small town, privately-owned places

that calls right out to you as you drive by.

I’ve passed it as many times as I’ve wondered about it,

so I was excited at the invitation to conduct an interview

with Kate Crowston, the creative, straight-talking, mastermind behind Shady Kate’s.

Crowston, a local interior designer,

originally became interested in the property located at:

21584 Highway 62, Shady Cove, OR,

when this vacation community became her home.

The little old house kept calling out

in the daily commute to her Medford-based design studio.

“It was dilapidated and an absolute eye-sore

and  every time I drove by it,

I couldn’t help but imagine it cleaned up, decorated and productive.”  Kate said,

as she unfolded the beginning concepts of the ongoing vision of Shady Kate’s.

Built in 1910, the house that is now Shady Kate’s was originally a gas station and a mercantile that later became a private residence.  When Kate began researching the potential to own the property, she found out that it was slated to be condemned and bulldozed within days.  Kate moved into action, negotiated a lease with a contingency to assist in all repairs and open as a business within 45 days.  She kept several subcontractors working night and day and opened on time  May of 2009.

Although she planned to use the property as an extension to her Medford design studio,

as months passed,

and as fate would have it,

local and traveling artists crossed Kate’s path.

Her love of arts and crafts inspired her to take on consignment pieces of art

and later consignment antiques.

It didn’t take long for Kate to decide to transform her property

into a full-blown mercantile and consignment store,

that she and her partner, Monte, now operate full time.

Shady Kate’s houses the wares of more than 60 private artisans and consignors including;

painters, crafters, woodworkers, metal workers, fiber artists,

beadworkers, potters, upcyclers and a variety of resellers.

Kate’s expertise in interior design and decorating is evident throughout the store.

The merchandise, combined with Kate’s wonderful antiques,

is staged beautifully

and is constantly changing

as her treasures are purchased and new goods arrive.

Shady Kate’s offers a wide variety of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.

Hand Painted Floor and Antique Rocking Horse at Shady Kate’s.


Since 2009, Shady Kate’s has been in a constant state of expansion.  Crowston is the force behind what is becoming one of the most popular annual resale events in Jackson County called Tie Days Pickers Run.  Each August, the event hosts more than 50 local artisans and vendors, a live auction, a concert and lots of food, beer & wine vendors.  2012 marks the 4th year of the event which also includes an organized “Picker Run” that involves numerous mercantiles throughout Jackson & Josephine counties, who pass out cards to visiting customers, that can later be used as entry to drawings on the event day.

Stay tuned to this blog, as in the next few weeks,

The Oregon Pick has been asked to write a feature story about

Tie Days Picker Run Event, scheduled for August 25, 2012 from 9:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Kate and Monte of Shady Kate’s

Shady Kate’s: 21584 Highway 62, Shady Cove, OR Phone: (541) 878-2084

Shady Kate’s Online:

Shady Kate’s on Facebook:!/ShadyKates

Tie Days Picker Run Online:

Tie Days Picker Run on Facebook:!/TieDays

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A few months back, 4 Duncan Phyfe chairs miraculously appeared at a used furniture shop in Southern Oregon.

I recognized them immediately.  I am now the proud owner.

Duncan Phyfe Lyre Back Chairs

Although covered in a coat of turquoise paint, this set of four are in excellent condition in terms of stability.  They’re in need of no structural repair and are as sturdy as the day they were made.  Paint stripping and restaining are needed to restore these gorgeous Phyfe chairs back to their original elegance.

In the furniture industry, the term Duncan Phyfe is used to define an original Duncan Phyfe creation as well as the Duncan Phyfe style.  Duncan Phyfe, who manufactured up-scale wooden furniture from 1795 – 1848 , became known for signiture lines, shapes, architecture and woodworking methods.

Duncan Phyfe Furniture Architecture

A design element that was practically the logo of Duncan Phyfe is the lyre.

The Duncan Phyfe Lyre ~ Signature Statement


Makers Marks and numbering systems were rarely used by Duncan Phyfe.  Therefore, identification becomes tricky.  The experts look for elements that are consistently present in a Phyfe piece of furniture;  The type and quality of wood used, the architectural curves of the piece, the details, the legs, the chair backs and seat shapes and many other factors that can be found in Duncan Phyfe style.

Duncan Phyfe Curves

Duncan Phyfe furniture, most often made from Mahogany, a soft, dark, reddish brown wood.  However, there are examples of Phyfe furniture in other woods as well.


The Oregon Pick

Go Antiques by Worthpoint

Ruby Lane


Duncan Phyfe Chair Back



The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Connected Lines

How to Identify Ducan Phyfe

Buffaloah ~ About Duncan Phyfe

The chairs depicted above are offered for sale as of 3/17/2012 at Oregon Pick on Etsy.

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